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Budget Accommodation Guest House To Visit in Kampala 2023



Nyumba is a lovely Guest House in Kampala. Our hotel deals with comfy accommodations, fabulous facilities, and royal care. We offer the most peaceful stay, with incredible amenities and an incomparable community.

Nyumba is a small community located in the Wakiso district of Kampala. 

It is a faultless purpose for budget-conscious travelers observing a serene and peaceful environment. The community is acknowledged for its attractive landscapes, traditional homesteads, and friendly locals.

Visitors can search the local culture, go on nature walks, or humbly relax and enjoy the superb views.

Accommodation In A Guest House

Nyumba suggests a range of budget-friendly accommodation selections. Guests can select from a guest house, hostels, and camping locations.

The guesthouses and hostels are simple but clean and comfy, providing all the essential amenities. Camping sites are also accessible for those who favor a more adventurous familiarity—prices series from $5 to $10 per night.

Types of budget-friendly accommodation options available in Nyumba (guesthouses, hostels, camping sites) 

Some budget-friendly accommodation selections are available in Nyumba, with guesthouses, hostels, and camping places.

  • Guesthouses are usually small, family-run formations that offer basic accommodation at a reasonable price. They may have communal bathrooms and partial amenities, but they are generally clean and relaxed.
  • Hostels are another budget-friendly choice, often geared towards tourists and budget explorers. Hostels classically have communal dormitory-style rooms and shared bathrooms and may also have shared areas such as kitchens and living rooms.
  • Camping places are also an opportunity for budget-conscious voyagers. These are outdoor places where you can pitch a tent or park a trailer and pass the night. They may have services such as bathrooms, showers, and power.

All of these choices offer a budget-friendly system to stay in Nyumba. Still, they will differ in terms of amenities and facilities, so it’s essential to research the options available before making a result.

Things to do

There are many things to see and do in Nyumba. Guests can search the local culture by staying in the traditional homesteads and interrelating with the citizens. Nature walks are also a standard action, as the area is home to varied vegetation and wildlife. Guests can also take a swim in the nearby river or go fishing. For those attracted to history, there are numerous historical places to visit, including the Nyumba Heritage Center.

Food and drinks Menu In a Guest House

Nyumba deals with a wide variety of local dishes at reasonable prices.

  • Visitors can try outdated Ugandan dishes such as matoke (mashed plantains), posho (maize flour) and beans, or chapati (a type of flatbread).
  • Some small eateries and food stalls also propose diverse local and worldwide dishes. Drinks such as local beers and sodas are also accessible.
  • It’s main to note that the global epidemic has exaggerated the travel industry in Uganda. 
  • It’s sensible to check the current condition and rules of traveling to Uganda before making any ideas for 2023. Also, please remind that the name Nyumba is a well-known budget lodging place in Kampala, Uganda. 
  • Therefore, it’s well to explore the obtainable options and read assessments before making any doubts. 


Kampala is a city that offers something for everyone, and there are good budget lodging selections for those on a tight budget. On the other hand, Nyumba is a boundless destination for budget-conscious explorers looking for a serene and peaceful environment. The communal offers budget-friendly place choices and great things to see and do. With its attractive landscapes, traditional homesteads, and kindly natives, Nyumba is a destination that should not be wasted.

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